Christian Daycare and Preschool in Springfield MO

The staff at Kids Connection Daycare and Preschool welcomes you and your family to our center! As a Christian daycare and preschool in Springfield MO it is our vision to transform our community for generations to come by partnering with parents to provide the linguistic, cognitive, spiritual, and social development children need to flourish in life.

The childcare service we provide to the community is driven by our mission and the vision of how the little things we do each day can change the future of every family and every child we serve. Therefore, it is our goal to accomplish the following objectives:

– To provide a loving Christian  environment for every child 

– To provide the best education possible for every child 

– To partner with parents to ensure that the Christian environment we are creating is to allow children to grow to their potential. This is done through intentionally modeling loving Christian behavior, educational curriculum , and Biblical learning.

Who we are

Kids Connection Preschool and Daycare is a faith-based childcare center, which means we operate according to Christian principles and values.

We at Kids Connection love kids and exist to provide reliable, quality childcare and education.

As a religious organization, we are a license-exempt, but we are annually inspected and approved by the state.We are registered to receive Child Care Assistance subsides for eligible children.

Our preschool and daycare services

Kids Connection Preschool and Daycare offers a quality Christian-based preschool program for ages 2-5 as well as extended daycare hours.

Your child’s day is structured to regularly include free-play (both indoors and outdoors), class time, educational and Bible-themed stories/activities, group games, team-building exercises, snacks and lunch.

The toddlers and preschoolers are surrounded by a safe and fun facility, caring teachers and an abundance of recreational, educational, and developmental activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kids Connection’s hours of operation?
Kids Connection is open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, year-round. We do not follow the public school calendar in an attempt to be open as often as possible for your convenience.

What is the cost?
Kids Connection offers the following scheduling options:

Weekly Tuition
Full time: M-F, full days $180.00

Part Time: 4 days, full days $150.00

Part time: 3 days, full days $120.00

Part time: 2 days, full days $85.00

Part time: Daily rate $45.00

A 10% sibling discount is available for multiple children from the same family. At the time of enrollment, you will be charged a $50.00 registration fee, which is to be paid annually.

What ages are you enrolling?
Kids Connection Preschool and Daycare enrolls children ages 2 through 5. We unfortunately cannot enroll infants under two years of age.

Do you accept State Child Care Assistance for subsidy-eligible children?
Yes, Kids Connection is registered with the State of Missouri and can provide the required DVN number upon request. However, we have a limited number of spots in our subsidy program, so please contact us for availability.

How do I enroll my child?
If you are interested in enrollment, please fill out an application here. We will then contact you with our current availability options!